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a little sass + a lot of fun.


Taboo Fitness is Victoria's best pole dancing and burlesque studio. We specialize in private classes for bachelorette parties, girls' nights, birthdays, or anything else that warrants a get together with your girlfriends. 


Our goal with every class is to deliver a little sass and a lot of fun. In fact, that's been our mission since the beginning, more than a decade ago now. We're not only Victoria's best studio, but we're also Victoria's longest standing studio. We're proud to have that title and owe it to the fabulous women who take and shape our classes. We want you to love us, just like they do.


All you need to do is get your girls together, choose a class and let us do the rest.  


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Inspired by the fabulously sexy pop stars, our Pussycat Dolls class combines sensuality and raw sex appeal for the perfect burlesque-pop class. You'll increase endurance, flexibility and core strength, while learning fun, sexy moves that strengthen and tone. Most Popular!

Pussycat Dolls
Pole Dancing 101

Learn the basics of working the pole! You'll increase strength and muscle tone as you learn everything from the basics to the sexy, taboo moves. Classes not only provide a fun alternative to traditional fitness but also build body awareness and self-confidence.


check your schedule

Dates and times are up to. We're here to work around your good-time occasion - whatever it may be - so just let us know when you're thinking and we'll do our best to accommodate. As soon as we hear from you, we'll start checking availability.

When you're ready to book, just give us a shout. At that time, we'll square up dates and times, collect a few more details about your group, and lastly, collect the $50 booking deposit. 

choose your class

​Get your girls together for your own class! Bachelorette parties, birthdays, girl's night out, fun Friday nights - Whatever the good-time occasion, Taboo is here to help! All classes range from $200 to $350, dependent on group size, and cover you for a private, one-hour class of your choice. More on pricing and payment info.



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I had so much fun doing a class for my birthday bash! Loved it! My girlfriends surprised me and at first, I wasn't sure what to expect but after just a couple minutes into the class, I was loving it. So many good times and laughts. - Chelsea



Years have gone by and we're still talking about how much fun we had at my bachelorette party! Thank you for giving us such a memorable class! - Kristy



Best way to celebrate my 30th birthday! I had so much fun doing a Pussycat Dolls class with my girlfriends! - Samantha



Danielle's class is awesome. Each time I've left feeling amazing, toned, happy and sexy. This is the original. There's no class like it! - Kaere



I just finished the class and it was a blast. I will definitely be back... – Jennica


This is the most fun I've had at a bachelorette party! ...And I've been to a lot of bachelorette parties! Great class. Great instructors. Great music. Such a fun idea and I'll for sure be recommending for all future bachelorette parties too! - Jen



Pussycat Dolls is the best class ever! Everyone in my group loved it - Taboo told me it was the most popular and now I know why! I can't wait to do another one. Honestly, I'm signing up after I write this! - Shannon 


[rave reviews]

they love us. you will too.

[pricing + payment]


All classes range from $200 to $350, dependent on group size, and cover you for a one-hour class of your choice. Pricing is as follows:

Group sizes of 1-8................................

Group sizes of 9-13.............................

Group sizes of 14 or more..................




When you’re ready to book, we’ll collect your credit card details to process two transactions: (1) A $50 deposit at the time of booking and, (2) The remaining balance 24-hours prior to your class. (All classes must be paid in full 24-hours prior to their start.) We’ll, of course, touch in with you in between the two to check in, answer any questions, and make sure you’re ready for your fab class. Likewise, if you need anything from us in that timeframe, we’re only ever an email away. Never hesitate - That’s why we’re here!


A little note on cancellations: We respectfully ask for 48-hours notice for any changes to your booking. Any cancellations made outside of this 48-hour window, as well as groups that fail to show all together, will be charged at full price.